David Bowie – Les hommages (1)

Le monde de la musique s’exprime, 1ere édition

Liste non-exhaustive évidemment.

Depeche Mode :

  • Dave GahanThank you for all the inspiration you gave me. Deepest sympathies to family & friends.
  • Martin Gore :  David Bowie – Where does one start? Is it too obvious to state that he was the most influential artist for people of our generation and younger? Ziggy Stardust was the first album I owned and his ability to innovate meant that I was waiting patiently for the release of Blackstar just a few days ago.  I have heard Bowie blasting from Mr. Gahan’s dressing room way too many times to begin to count. Heroes was the first song that we ever played as the original Depeche Mode. We were all much more than casual fans. He is the only artist who compelled us to rush to a record store on day one of a release back in the days of vinyl and beyond. His music is what grabbed us but he was so much more than just a musician. To follow Bowie, to be one of his fans, was to be led on a magical, winding journey. He constantly pushed boundaries and introduced us to styles and genres we were unaware of or didn’t exist before he invented them. He was a star – the star of stars. For us, he was the greatest legend. A legend who never rested on his laurels but continued to experiment up until his death. We, along with the rest of the world, mourn the loss of our greatest talent. This will be a hard one to recover from

The Rolling Stones :

  • Mick JaggerDavid was always an inspiration to me and a true original. He was wonderfully shameless in his work. We had so many good times together. He was my friend, I will never forget him.
  • Keith RichardsI’m deeply saddened by such a sudden shock. David was a true original in everything he did and, along with many others, I’m going to miss him. Another goodbye to another good friend.

The WhoIt’s with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of David Bowie. Here he is performing The Who’s debut single ‘I Can’t Explain’ which he recorded for his 1973 album Pin Ups. Rest in peace David Bowie, 1947–2016

  • Pete Townshend (avec belle photo) : ICI

Austra :

  • Katie StelmanisRebels never die! He left us the recipe and now all we have to do is bake the cake. ART is resistance, art is the strongest tool for eliminating oppression and the greatest weapon for change. Let us not forget that we all have the power to change ourselves and change the world, we all have it in us to REBEL. RIP goblin king
  • MayaI knew about this character named « David Bowie » but never paid much attention until my teens when I heard Let’s Dance in a film called Gia. I loved the song and downloaded the record immediately on Napster (oops, but true). Although it is the most commercial/pop-y album he made it’s also one that introduced many new fans to his world. His voice and the production of the album blew me away. It became the soundtrack to my highschool coming-out years, I felt like I could express my sexuality and not give a fuck, the perfect inspiration. Thank you David Bowie! You’re beautiful. One my favorite « Without you »

Tina TurnerA piece of my heart has broken. Not only was David a passionate supporter of my career but more importantly a very special person in my life. An icon. Irreplaceable loving friend. I am missing him greatly

Iggy PopDavid’s friendship was the light of my life. I never met such a brilliant person. He was the best there is

Jimmy PageBowie was an innovator, a unique artist with a vision that changed the face of popular music. He is greatly missed

Queen :

  • Roger TaylorDavid Bowie: The cleverest and most interestingly brilliant man of our time. What a vacuum he leaves, and how he will be missed. Roger
  • Brian May : I woke up late, after a long night, to shocking news. David Bowie gone. I don’t know if I can react immediately. He was a fearsome talent, and the loss to Music and Culture from his passing is inestimable. In and out of our lives, always challenging and innovative, and … shocking. But this news is hard to take in. I had no idea he was close to death. Would like to have said something … Very sad. Sincere condolences to his family. But what a life. All hail, David Bowie, Star Man, Hero. RIP.

The CultMy heart is absolutely broken the sky has fallen so much love to David’s family and fans we love you David

Billy IdolHe inspired us to go beyond the norm & reach out & dispel the void of life in 70’s England wth r own art forms….

Marianne FaithfullRIP & go well dave! you are one of the greatest Artists of our time, or at any rate my time; Go well xxxxx. We had great fun.

He was a huge artist. All my love to his family. RIP David (pour commenter la vidéo ci-dessous).

Dee SniderSo today I lose another hero. Not quite like @iamlemmy, but an important influence on my life, style and career. Goodbye @DavidBowieReal RIP

Def LeppardI heard the news today oh boy …. And I can’t believe what I’ve heard …. David Bowie is dead. He’s been a massive part of my life since I first heard Starman in 1972. So many of us came in at that moment, myself, Bono, Boy George, Morrissey, Gary Kemp, Jim Kerr, Brett Anderson, Pete Murphy, Gary Numan, millions of fans, all very different from each other but all with one thing in common, the belief that a true rock & roll alien had landed on earth & he was ours. I own every record he ever made, he was plastered all over my bedroom wall as a kid, he was my very first bootleg, his CDs take up 2 whole shelves in my collection. I have personally recorded over 25 of his songs either on my own, with Leppard or with the Cybernauts. I met him 2 or 3 times & always found him charming & engaging. It is said, never meet your heroes, they will let you down. Bullshit. He was open, funny, a good listener !! & when myself & Phil joined David on stage with Queen, Mick Ronson & Ian Hunter at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Gig in 1992 it became one of the most memorable musical moments of my life. I can’t believe he’s gone. A huge hole has opened up in my heart & it feels like my youth has been further ripped away from me. At least I have a lifetime of his music to comfort me, as we all have, as he left behind one hell of a legacy. The Starman waiting in the sky waits no longer. Rest in Peace David Bowie and thank you for giving us believers something to believe in.

SlashThere aren’t words enough to express the feeling of loss in this moment. RIP David. You will be…

Marilyn Manson : My first introduction to David Bowie, was watching « Ashes to Ashes » on MTV. I was confused and captivated. But it wasn’t until my first real stay in Los Angeles, around 1997, that someone told me to take a moment to listen to something other than Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Hunky Dory. So I went for a dizzying car ride through the Hollywood Hills and listened to « Diamond Dogs. » All of my nostalgia, instantly turned to awe. I was hearing him sing about fiction as a mask to show his naked soul. This changed my life forever. Every song of his was a way for me to communicate to others. It was a sedative. An arousal. A love letter I could never have written. It has become and remains a soundtrack to a movie he painted with his voice and guitar. He sang, « Hope, it’s a cheap thing. » I don’t need hope to know that he has found his way to the place that equals his untouchable, chameleon-genius beauty. The black star in space, that only HE belongs. This crushing moment of fear and loss can only be treated the way his music has affected everyone who was fortunate enough to hear and love it. Let’s NEVER let go of what he gave us.

Motley Crue/ Nikki Sixx : R.I.P. Thin White Duke…You inspired me to be more than a musician.You inspired me to be an artist my whole life

Kiss :

  • Paul StanleyRIP DAVID BOWIE. An artist and pioneer in every sense. Long live Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke. Thank you.
  • Gene SimmonsDavid Bowie, you will be sorely missed. Bowie’s “Changes” and the Ziggy story songs were a major influence for me.

Aerosmith :

  • Joe PerryBlew my mind when I got the news about DAVID BOWIE. I was on a plane when news broke. Heartbreaking… One of the most creative, inventive artists of our generation. History will put him in the same class as Dali, Pollock, Hemingway, and of course The Beatles, The Stones and Jimi. His music will live on forever. The world is worse with his passing

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  1. julianleblog dit :

    Merci pour ce condensé d’hommages !! C’est tout l’héritage de Bowie


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